West Sussex Cracks Down on Fly Tipping.

We know how much damage fly tipping can do to the environment and how the criminal offence increased during the pandemic. But we were pleased to read in the latest issue of Initiatives that Chichester District Council has been working with government agencies to tackle the growing issue.

As a Licensed Waste Carrier for the Chichester area, we’re here to help the crackdown by offering affordable and sustainable waste management services that are easily accessible to homeowners and business owners.

How’s fly tipping being tackled?

A crack team assembled for the crackdown:

  • Chichester District Council
  • Sussex Police
  • His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

And within two hours, on a cold February day, they stopped 40 vehicles. Their aim was to make sure commercial operators were carrying and disposing of waste legally.

Warnings and advice were given to several unlicensed waste carriers. Two were given the choice to register as Licenced Waste Carriers within 10 days or face hefty fines. Fourteen duty of care inspections were carried out to check waste transfer documentation. While six drivers received advisories on their load limits and lights.

Fresh from the success of this team effort, Alison Stevens, Chichester District Council’s Divisional Manager for Environment, said:

“These joint action days aim to disrupt the activities of those looking to fly tip materials in our beautiful district and to ensure that potential fly tippers know there will be consequences.

“Similar events have also been taking place in other parts of the county, including Arun and Horsham, and by working together with other agencies we are able to be more effective and target areas where we know that there is an issue with fly tipping.”

You face fines for fly tipping

A spokesperson for Horsham’s ‘SCRAP fly-tipping’ campaign advised both residents and business owners that: “If your waste is found dumped, even if someone else has dumped it, it’s you who could be held responsible and fined.

“Every business in the UK that produces waste has a legal duty of care to manage it properly until it is recycled or disposed of. This means that businesses and residents must always use a registered waste carrier to carry their waste as well as keeping the correct paperwork for at least two years”.

Fly tipping, especially hazardous waste, not only damages the environment but the clean-up costs taxpayers over £350, 000 every year. If you ask someone to remove your waste, and they’re not a Licensed Waste Carrier who recycles or disposes of it properly, you could face a fixed penalty of up to £300.                                                                                   

RJS Waste Management is your licenced waste carrier

As Chichester District Council advises, you should always check the Environment Agency’s website to see whether the waste carrier you’re considering has a licence.

Ask to see their licence and note their vehicle’s registration number. We make ours easily accessible on our website.

Make sure your waste is being taken to a registered waste disposal site and get a waste transfer note and receipt when your waste is collected or removed. We supply these documents as standard for all waste removal and waste disposal jobs.

Are you based close to our HQ in Chichester or nearer our Oxford or London offices? Contact us to get a quote to remove your hazardous waste or other difficult waste. We can also remove any fly tipped waste that’s been dumped on your land. Together, let’s help tackle local fly tipping.