Community cleaning to make your streets sightly and safe

Using powerful pressure washers, RJS Waste Management will clean up graffiti, unwanted markings, grime and slip hazards from your communal areas and streets. Your local space will shine once more!

Our Community Cleaning Services Will Spruce up Your Streets

Providing fast, effective and affordable graffiti removal services and jet washing for paving, RJS Waste Management UK’s community cleaning services will help to get your local streets in shape.

Using a variety of specialist tools, products and years of master maintenance techniques, our expert team will make sure your property and communal areas stay neat for all to enjoy.

Graffiti and paint removal

We appreciate street art with the best of them but tagging and graffiti are an eye-sore that can damage and devalue your property or communal area. They can also attract other forms of vandalism.

Whether it is your fence, wall, local car park or playground that has been targeted, it is not always as easy as using acetone to remove graffiti and unwanted paint. There are more efficient and eco-friendly methods to try, such as our graffiti removal service. And the sooner you get graffiti removed the better!

Street paving cleaning

Is it about time your local streets had the grime cleaned up? Do you need to prepare a blank surface for new road markings? Has the graffiti spilt over to your communal pathways? Are you responsible for clearing away slip and trip hazards? Our street paving cleaning service could be just what you need.

Whether you need to get rid of chewing gum, algae, outdated information or unsightly marks, our street cleaning experts can use their powerful pressure washers and eco-friendly detergents to give your paving a new lease of life. We also offer cleaning for patios and driveways.


Community Cleaning - Worker cleaning the street sidewalk with high pressure water jet