Cleaning stone statues and monuments back to their former glory

Using sustainable cleaning tools and equipment, RJS Waste Management will clean off bird guano, unwanted markings, grime and plant matter. Your statue, monument or memorial will do you and your community proud.

Cleaning Stone Statues, Monuments and Memorials for Your Community

RJS Waste Management UK has cleaned stone statues in Oxfordshire, London and West Sussex for several years. We provide fast, effective and sustainable specialist cleaning.

Using sustainable cleaning tools and master maintenance techniques, our expert team will ensure your statue, monument or memorial is a pristine place of remembrance.

Our sustainable cleaning tools, products and techniques

Depending on the age, wear, location and material of your statue or monument, our cleaners may use any combination of the following:

  • DOFF cleaning (gentle steam)
  • Sustainable cleaning agents
  • Gentle pressure washing
  • Soft scrub brushing

Care must be taken when cleaning old stone statues.  As recommended in UK War Memorials’ conservation advice: “The Light cleaning of sound stone with a non-metallic bristle brush and clean water is unlikely to cause damage; it is strongly recommended that any other cleaning of a war memorial is carried out by experienced contractors, craftsmen or conservators”.

Cleaning war memorials

Witney Town Council War Memorial

When cleaning a war memorial for Witney Town Council, our specialist cleaning team treated the stone with a cleaning agent before giving it a pressure wash. This helped restore the natural colour and features of the stonework, making the meaningful inscriptions easier to read.

You must know what you are doing when cleaning stone statues. Our pressure-washing technique was abrasive enough to remove the build-up of biological growth and grime but gentle enough so as not to cause damage.

Cleaning old statues not only helps bring back their beauty and prominence but also helps maintain their structure. This one’s been standing proud in a West Oxfordshire town for over 100 years. With our help, it should serve as a fitting tribute to the fallen for many more years to come.

You can see our transformation of Witney Town Council War Memorial in the before and after photos below. There’s more information on professional cleaning of war memorials in our case study.

Cleaning Stone Statues — Before and after cleaning of Witney War Memorial

Bladon War Memorial

Also located in West Oxfordshire, Bladon Memorial commemorates the First World War (1914-1918) and Second World War (1939-1945). A simple obelisk set on a square plinth, it features a cross surrounded by a green wreath and two plaques honouring the fallen.

Similar cleaning techniques were used by the RJS Waste Management team for the professional cleaning of this war memorial. We were delighted with how well the stone, bronze and surrounding gravel cleaned up. Check out the before and after photos below and read more in our case study.

Are you the owner or custodian of a war memorial? Do you need another type of outdoor monument or statue buffed back to beauty? Get in touch for a quote and we will clean your stone statue back to its former glory.

Cleaning Stone Statues — Before and after cleaning of Bladon War Memorial