RJS Waste Management UK offers eco-friendly cleaning services to high health and safety standards…

…For your warehouse, leisure facilities, office, restaurant, retail unit, home or community area.

Cleaning Services: Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Community Cleaning as well as Guano Removal

From our offices in Chichester, Oxford and London, we at RJS Waste Management offer specialist cleaning services for all UK properties. We cater for industrial, commercial, domestic and community clients – always maintaining excellence at the best prices.

Whether you need your building or street cleaned, our skilled and experienced maintenance operatives are here to help. They combine the best tools, techniques and eco-friendly products with their health and safety training to provide specialist cleaning services you can trust.

Cleaning stone statues and monuments

Whether it has been graffitied or has a build-up of moss and bird guano, our specialist cleaning team can bring your war memorial monument or statue back to its former glory.

We treated both Witney Town Council War Memorial and Bladon War Memorial with a cleaning agent before they were gently pressure washed. This helped maintain the structures and restore these important local places of remembrance. Read more about cleaning stone statues and monuments.

Statue of William Shakespeare, Leicester Square, London

Industrial cleaning

Do you own a factory, warehouse or leisure facilities? We provide exceptional cleaning services that will help your industrial property meet the highest health and safety standards.

From floor and equipment cleaning to high-level cleaning of cladding, windows and light fixtures, we will have your industrial building sparkling inside and out. Read more about our industrial cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning

Are you a property development company that needs spotless newbuild cleans? Perhaps you own retail units that require seasonal gutter clearances.

Whatever your commercial cleaning needs, RJS Waste Management will help present your business in the best light for continued success. Read more about our commercial cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning using polishing machine on paving

Domestic cleaning

Does your home patio or decking need pressure washing ready for the summer? Maybe you are selling up and you need your brick and stonework to sparkle. Perhaps your lacklustre driveway is letting the neighbourhood down.

RJS Waste Management takes the hassle out of outdoor domestic cleaning tasks and will restore pride in your exceptional exterior. Read more about our outdoor domestic cleaning services.

Community cleaning

Would you like fast and effective street cleaning, graffiti removal and monument cleaning for your local community?

Gum sticking underfoot, unwanted paintwork getting you down or a grime build-up letting you down? Our community cleaning services can help make the paths, fencing, walls, statues and memorials in your local hub inviting again. Read more about our community cleaning services.

Community cleaning - man removing graffiti from public walkway