RJS Waste Management UK is committed to providing safe and compliant waste disposal services

We work within the Environment Agency endorsed Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 towards more sustainable waste management.

Always Working Within the Waste Disposal Regulations

In addition to safe and efficient waste collection, waste removal and waste treatment services, RJS Waste Management offers excellent waste disposal services. Our expert team will always use the best waste solution. As well as abiding by the waste disposal regulations and the waste hierarchy triangle, they will use their 60+ years of experience to make informed suggestions and decisions.

Options are limited when it comes to hazardous waste disposal, especially for asbestos-containing materials. But, in line with our Environmental Policy, we support and encourage more sustainable options such as WEEE recycling initiatives.

Waste disposal regulations

Key environmental legislation has brought additional responsibilities to those producing waste and companies like ours that specialise in waste disposal. The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, which included consultation with the Environment Agency, encourages sustainable waste management. It places a duty on organisations that produce or handle waste to try to prevent it and apply the waste hierarchy when transferring it.

Waste hierarchy for waste disposal

The waste hierarchy consists of five stages, with waste prevention as the best outcome and waste disposal as the least desirable outcome. A step in the right direction would be the use of fewer materials when manufacturing and the preparation to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible. Only after all these options have been considered should waste disposal to landfill, or incineration without energy recovery, be fulfilled.