Our waste management services include the safe removal and disposal of waste including hazardous waste, WEEE, fly-tipped waste, liquid waste and clinical waste.

We also supply bat and bird guano removal and contaminated land remediation as well as secure data destruction and confidential shredding services for your peace of mind.

Waste Management Services: Waste Identification, Waste Collection, Waste Removal & Waste Disposal

 RJS Waste Management services include the identification, collection, removal and disposal of hazardous waste and “difficult” non-hazardous waste that should not be landfilled. This is usually commercial and/or industrial waste but may also include hazardous waste removal for the domestic market.

In compliance with hazardous waste regulations, we offer waste removal and waste disposal to a wide variety of businesses. These include small independents to larger companies, factories, construction companies and multinational organisations. So, whether you are looking for waste management services in London, electronic waste removal in Sussex or waste disposal in Oxfordshire, our skilled and experienced team is here to help.

What is waste?

The UK government states, “a material is considered to be waste when the producer or holder discards it, intends to discard it, or is required to discard it”. Something may be considered waste when it is comprised of mixed materials (some of which cannot be recycled), illegally fly-tipped or accidentally leaked.

But when it comes to making decisions on how to discard of waste, it is not always as simple as throwing it in a bin or disposing of in landfill. There are regulations and guidance in place, such as the waste hierarchy, to guide us on the best practice for waste management – whether that means to reuse, recycling or another option. There are also laws in place to protect humans and the environment when it comes to the disposal of hazardous waste, such as asbestos waste.

When dealing with waste, there are rules to be followed, such as:

Having a skilled and experienced local team like RJS Waste Management on hand to deal with all your waste classification, waste removal and waste disposal needs will give you peace of mind. As fully insured licensed waste carriers, we will provide any required waste transfer documentation for our waste management services. This will include any duty of care waste transfer notes and, where relevant, hazardous waste consignment notes.

Waste management services from RJS include waste removal and waste disposal

Types of waste management services we offer

  • Hazardous waste – Containing harmful substances or properties, hazardous waste could be anything from chemicals to solvents. It also includes asbestos and asbestos services are one of our specialities.
  • Fly-tipped waste – Often containing hazardous waste that is a health and safety risk, fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water.
  • WEEE – Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment is a growing concern as consumption rises and WEEE recycling is the way forward. Examples of WEEE include IT equipment, office appliances and fluorescent lighting.
  • Data destruction – From the incineration of hardware to confidential shredding, our secure data destruction services will keep your business GDPR compliant and safe.
  • Clinical waste – Whether it is sharps, dressings or PPE, healthcare waste removal and transportation is regulated to make sure it is handled correctly to avoid contamination.
  • Liquid waste – Hazardous liquid waste that could be acidic or flammable in nature needs collecting, treating and recycling/disposing of in line with the relevant regulations.
  • Guano removal – Whether bird guano health risks or bat guano damage to your building are causing you concern, we will clean up when nature calls with our wildlife sensitive services.
  • Land remediation – When land is contaminated, the site will need to be made safe for future construction. Our contaminated land remediation works include asbestos remediation and pollution remediation.

You can rest assured that RJS Waste Management is fully insured and industry trained and puts the health and safety of its staff and customers first. When it comes to the removal, collection and disposal of hazardous waste, our qualified and professional waste management services team offers safe, secure, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Waste removal and waste disposal services from RJS Waste Management

Hazardous Waste

Fly-Tipped Waste Removal

WEEE Disposal

Fluorescent Light Recycling

Secure Data Destruction

Clinical Waste

Bulk Liquid Waste

Bat & Bird Guano Removal

Contaminated Land Remediation