RJS Waste Management UK offers asbestos testing and other chemical testing.

From asbestos testing soil to landfill Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing to legionella and water testing, our specialist analytical laboratories can help. 

Asbestos Testing, Chemical Testing, Marine Industry Testing & Microbiology Testing 

RJS Waste Management UK works closely with analytical laboratories to provide a range of asbestos testing, soil testing, chemical testing as well as microbiological analysis for drinking and recreational water and testing and analysis for the marine industry.

Chemical testing

Some of the chemical testing and analysis services we offer include:

  • Soil analysis – By bore hole sampling and other methods, we can measure acidity and top soil quality as well as analyse for possible contaminants like pesticides and metals.
  • Environmental, process & waste waters – We can identify the type and concentration of contaminants, such as ammonia and cyanides, within a range of water types and effluent samples.
  • The built environment – When sensitivity is required to understand the composition and nature of substances, we provide chemical analysis for the built environment. This includes UKAS accredited lead in paint analysis, testing for anthrax or gypsum in plaster and mould analysis.
RJS Waste Management's soil testing service

Asbestos testing

Some of the asbestos testing, sampling and analysis services we offer includes:

UKAS accredited asbestos in soil testing – We can help identify the presence of asbestos, its percentage and product type to assist with the determination of the Waste Acceptance Criteria and more.

Asbestos sampling and analysis – Analysed at UKAS accredited laboratories in accordance with HSG 248, we offer a thorough asbestos sampling and analysis service for the marine industry. You will receive an Asbestos Fibre Identification certificate for each batch of samples analysed.

Microbiology testing

Some of the microbiology water testing services we offer includes:

Water testing – With tests for coliform bacteria and E.coli undoubtedly the most important routine microbiological analyses for drinking water, we can arrange UKAS accredited tests on recreational water, portable water and environmental water to maintain public safety.

Legionella Testing – While legionella pneumophila, and related bacteria, are common in natural water sources they are usually found in low numbers. They may also occur in purpose-built water systems. When conditions are favourable, the bacteria grow and increase the risks of Legionnaires’ disease. We offer UKAS accredited legionella tests, of everything from domestic waster systems and cooling systems to showers and sprinklers, using the latest scientific techniques.

RJS Waste Management's Legionella and water testing service

Marine industry testing

Some of the marine industry chemical and water testing and analysis services we offer includes:

Legionella and water testing – Comprising portable water testing (drinking water sources), recreational water testing (pools and spas) and legionella testing (purpose-built water systems on ships), water safety can be measured and risks minimised.

Chemical testing and analysis – We offer a choice of chemical testing for the marine industry including chemical testing in paint and occupational and hygiene services such as WAC tests and dust monitoring.