Groundworks and excavation services

RJS Waste Management provides professional groundworks solutions, site excavations and dredging of waterways as standalone jobs or part of larger construction projects.

We offer nationwide services with offices in Chichester, Oxford, the Midlands and London.

How can we Help with Your Groundworks Project?

RJS Waste Management UK are groundworks and excavation specialists — from ground investigations to site clearances to prepping the ground for foundations. We are also experienced in dredging waterways for our happy clients.

Developing a new build? Looking to add a new driveway or basement to your home or business premises? Need a pond or marshland dredged?  Our team’s rich experience providing sustainable and professional groundworks solutions and dredging services makes us the best choice for your next construction or waterway maintenance project.

What are groundworks?

Often the first phase of the construction process, groundworks are key to the development of a new building or redevelopment project after a demolition. Groundworks prepare sub-surfaces for the foundations to be laid. Groundwork may also include laying drains and utility installations (water pipes, gas pipes, phone lines and cables).

Here are some of the types of groundworks services we can offer you:

Whether you are looking for a groundworks company in London, a groundworks company in Oxfordshire or a groundworks company in West Sussex, get in touch for a free quote.

Yellow wheel loader excavator moving earth

What are excavation services?

Hand in hand with groundworks site excavation will prepare your construction site for a new structure. Excavation involves digging out the build’s foundation and making sure the ground is sound. Our excavation services include:

  • Removing topsoil
  • Earthmoving and earthwork below ground
  • Land clearing and alteration
  • Grading to level the ground
  • Drainage correction
  • Replacing topsoil

Our excavation equipment and plant machinery includes:

  • Diggers — To dig out the land.
  • Bulldozers — To push soil and rubble.
  • Excavators (dragline excavators or hydraulic compact) — To mine the surface.
  • Dump trucks — To move excavated materials to storage on site.
  • Grab lorries — To transport excavated materials from site.
Loader excavator during earthmoving works

What is dredging?

Another groundworks and excavation service, dredging is the process of removing gathered sediment from the floors or banks of water bodies. Specialist dredging equipment is used to create a vacuum that sucks up and pumps out debris.

By removing the accumulated debris, dredging will help restore your waterway to its original depth and condition. Dredging can also be used to get rid of any hazardous waste (pollutants and fly-tipped waste) or dead vegetation.

Our dredging services include:

Dredging marshland

Sustainable groundworks, excavation and dredging services

With a commitment to sustainable waste management and maintaining a healthy environment, we provide eco-friendly dredging, groundworks and excavation services.

We will help you stay on track and budget. Years of experience alongside a range of specialist machinery and equipment allow us to work efficiently and help you plan your project from start to finish.

Rest assured, not only will we stabilise your land or waterway, but we will dispose of your waste responsibly at the most suitable registered site.