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Striving for Business Success? Shape up Your Sustainable Waste Management

Think “sustainable waste management” are mere buzzwords? Consider only what you gain for your SME contributes to its growth? You’re wrong. What you get rid of, and how you get rid of it, can set your business apart from your competitors and help your revenue skyrocket.

Much of the domestic market and many other businesses are keen to reduce their environmental impact. According to Westminster City Council, 62% of executives regard a sustainability strategy as essential for a competitive edge. While another 22% believe it will be necessary soon. This means sustainable waste management could be your key to success with your customers.

Top three sustainable waste management benefits

Managing your business resources and reducing the amount of waste you generate can help your business in myriad ways. Those most related to your business’s future growth and success include:

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Saving money

You can save your business money by buying resources more effectively to cut operating costs and waste. Around 4% of business turnover is attributed to creating waste and the cost increases as the availability of landfill space dwindles. It’s simple – if you reduce waste, you increase profits.

One of the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative ways to do this is to recycle more. Upping your recycling efforts can reduce your business waste by at least 10%. Although, recycling isn’t a viable option in all economies and situations. Perhaps you could also find another business to buy some of your waste to reuse.

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Saving the world

Sustainable waste management leads to enhanced environmental performance, with reduced energy consumption at the top of the tick list. This is particularly important if you’ve achieved, or are working towards, ISO 14001:2015 standardisation.

Contributing less waste to landfills means less land is being used to house waste. Less waste in landfills also means fewer greenhouse gasses being produced and a decrease in potential hazardous waste leaks (from recyclable products like toner cartridges). The need for less waste disposal transportation also helps cut down pollution.

Retailers also have the power to find more sustainable suppliers and put pressure on their industry to create greener solutions. This will influence and improve the supply chain while encouraging new suppliers to fill any gaps – making way for even more sustainable businesses.

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Saving your reputation

As well as making sure you comply with your legal obligations, effective waste management can bolster your standing within your local community, network and supply chain. This acts to improve your business’ wider reputation. By going green, you’ll give your business the green light to grow.

Suppliers have a real opportunity to shine here. As businesses look for more sustainable products, like packaging, those who can provide waste-saving solutions are at a huge advantage. They can educate their customers and make it easier for more businesses to manage waste sustainably – while enhancing their reputations and making money!

The essential business waste guide for businesses, by Slough Borough Council, has more information and sustainable waste management tips.

Get your business booming with a sustainable waste management strategy

Are you reusing office supplies, packaging and furniture as you should? Do you do anything to influence your supply chain for the better? Here’s hoping you picked up some tips here.

Would your business benefit from a more sustainable waste management or WEEE recycling strategy? Do get in touch for more information or for a free, no-obligation quote.