Fire damaged house in Banbury by RJS Waste's Oxfordshire strip out works

Oxfordshire Strip Out Works for Fire-Damaged Home.

Last month, a Banbury home benefited from our Oxfordshire strip-out works. After fire and water damage had gutted the property, the RJS Waste Management team were called in to make it clear and safe for access so renovation works could take place.

Oxfordshire strip out works project brief

This domestic property in Banbury, Oxfordshire, had been damaged by a fire. The house was then left for a while during bad weather. This caused the roof to collapse and flood damage to the house. During this time, the house was also unlawfully accessed by someone looking for shelter.

RJS Waste Management was called in to completely clear the house internally and remove any of the remaining fire-damaged roof.

Fire damage to a Banbury kitchen and evidence of squatters.

Fire damage to the kitchen, as well as evidence of squatters.

Fire and water damage to the ceiling, fixtures and furniture in a Banbury home.

Fire and water damage to the downstairs reception room ceiling, fixtures and furniture.

Process and Solutions for the soft stripping and site clearance project

Before we arrived on-site, our client erected a full scaffold around the property with a temporary roof structure covering the building.

Stage 1 — After making the remaining roof structure safe, we completed an internal inspection of the building. We removed any hazardous waste, such as needles, left inside by the unlawful inhabitants. This ensured the health and safety of the team working on this Oxfordshire strip-out works.

Stage 2 — This involved waste removal of the damaged roofing so there was no danger of any materials falling, inside or outside the property.

Stage 3 — During a full internal site clearance, we worked from the top to bottom of the house — room by room. Waste was carried outside and disposed of via the correct channels.

Stage 4 — Each room was cleaned once the house was completely stripped of fixtures, fittings, furniture, temporary structures and resulting waste. This prepared our client to proceed with renovations.

Fire and water damage to the hallway before (left) and the soft-stripped and cleared hallway after (right).

Fire and water damage to the hallway before (left) and the soft-stripped and cleared hallway after (right).

Fire damage to the reception area of an Oxfordshire home before and after soft strip demolition works.

Fire damage to the downstairs reception area before (left) and the reception room after our soft strip demolition works (right).

Fire damage and fallen roof materials in the bedroom of an Oxfordshire house before and after strip out works.

Fire damage and fallen roof materials in an upstairs bedroom before (left) and the clean and clear bedroom after full internal strip out works (right).

Key challenges during this Oxfordshire soft strip demotion

The safety and wellbeing of our workforce was top priority for this Oxfordshire strip out works project. Seeing as the house had been subject to unlawful access and weathering over a long period, we needed to make the site safe.

Next, the waste removal was a big job in an awkward space. The domestic property was small. So, our team worked hard to ensure health and safety procedures were followed while moving in and out of the house was synchronised.

From the start, we were aware there wasn’t enough space for a skip on-site. This meant, initially, the waste had to be run to the disposal sites by the van load. But this was neither time-efficient or ideal sustainable waste management practice. Our site supervisor reacted to this issue within the first two days of the project and managed to make extra space available for a skip.

Results of this Oxfordshire strip-out works project

Our client visited the site throughout the week to observe the project’s progress. They’d underestimated the amount of work involved and were impressed with the speed and proficiency of operations.

With an overall excellent result, the Banbury property was left clean and clear for the next stage of renovations and the client was happy.

Contact us if you’d like our Oxfordshire strip-out works contractors to make your domestic, commercial or industrial premises clear and safe. We can also perform a refurbishment and demolition survey to give you the all-clear from asbestos.

The inside shell of an Oxfordshire home after a full RJS Waste Management soft-strip demolition.

Upstairs in the Banbury home after our full strip out works were complete.