RJS Waste Management's Hyundai Ionic electric car on Blenheim Estate

Sustainable Waste Management in Oxford for Blenheim Estate.

Did you know that we provide sustainable waste management in Oxford at the Blenheim Estate? As well as carrying out asbestos surveys, the RJS Waste Management team has carried out hazardous waste removal on-site. All this while keeping the preservation of the environment at the core of the company’s ethos.

Hazardous waste management at Blenheim

RJS Waste Management had the great pleasure of working with the Blenheim Palace Built Heritage team on a variety of hazardous waste management projects throughout 2023. And we look forward to continuing our relationship into and beyond 2024.

Jobs carried out so far at Blenheim Estate include:

We’re also ready to start on some safe and sustainable bird prevention works in the coming weeks.

Going green at Blenheim Palace

With a constant focus on maximising our company’s sustainability for a brighter future — and to help redress the environmental issues with the UK’s waste management industry — we continue to build our fleet of fully electric cars.

The latest addition to our team, a premium Hyundai IONIQ has an excellently eco-friendly battery range of 193 miles. While at Blenheim Estate, we took the opportunity to capture our groovy green wheels in situ. What a backdrop, huh?!

Blessings from Blenheim

Frankie Baldwin, who was Blenheim’s Estates Coordinator, first contacted us to fulfil sustainable waste management at the historical Oxfordshire site. Before leaving her post, Frankie wrote us this wonderful testimonial:

“I came across RJS Waste Management after speaking with their competitors, whose pricing and customer service I was dissatisfied with. I wanted to find a local business that I could build a strong working relationship with and RJS has been impeccable right from the beginning.

RJS came to the site a few days after I’d first got in contact, which I thought was brilliant service! They spent half a day listing all the waste we had on-site and went above and beyond to offer solutions to dispose of waste that we didn’t even realise couldn’t be disposed of through our usual channels.

Throughout the process, the communication has been great and the pricing has been spot on. Big thanks to Mark and Russ for making it so easy!” — ESTATES COORDINATOR, BLENHEIM ESTATE, OXFORDSHIRE

Now, we’re working with Chris Monaghan and his Blenheim Palace Built Heritage team who continue to be delighted with the results we deliver.

Are you looking for sustainable waste management in Oxford?

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