Full-service Demolition Contractors for West Sussex College.

When Brinsbury College was ready to wave goodbye to its old greenhouses RJS Waste Management were the demolition contractors of choice. Our commitment to safety, efficiency and customer service provided the green light for these green-fingered clients.

The greenhouse demolition job brief

Brinsbury College contracted the RJS Waste Management team when they needed a complete internal strip out of three large industrial greenhouses followed by controlled demolition works.

After the initial clearance, we were tasked with removing the glass from the greenhouses before safely and securely demolishing the structures ready for an eco-friendly upgrade.

West Sussex is the leading county for production horticulture in the UK and it was time for Brinsbury College, part of the Chichester College Group, to embrace sustainability.

The Skills Development Fund gave the college the opportunity to revolutionise their horticultural teaching. New greenhouses are being installed with aeroponic technology so students can learn how to grow plants in air or mist environments (without the use of soil). A new aquaponic food production system will also couple aquaculture (the raising of aquatic animals such as fish) with cultivating plants in water — or hydroponics.

Our demolition contractors helped plant the seeds for sustainable success by getting rid of the old to make way for the new…

Processes and solutions for this building demolition  

Stage 1 — For the internal strip out and site clearance of all three greenhouses our demolition contractors removed plantations, vegetation, agricultural growing beds and general waste items from inside the greenhouses.

Brinsbury College greenshouse before the strip-out and site clearance

Stage 2 — As the greenhouses were part of an active college campus, the safe and secure removal of all glass was paramount. Processes were created to limit panel breakage and ensure glass shards didn’t get into the soil beneath.

We used two Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), with two operatives moving down the greenhouses to remove panelling simultaneously from both sides. Each panel was taken down by hand and placed into a glass skip for recycling.

RJS Waste demolition contractor standing Mobile Elevated Work Platform to remove glass panels from greenhouse

Stage 3 — Using the same strategy as the glass removal, for our large building demolition the metal structures were taken down piece by piece. Reciprocating saws cut through individual joints for a controlled and safe demolition.

The roof elements were removed first, and the remainder of the metal structure followed. Waste was loaded into separate enclosed metal skips for recycling.

Next, the base-level concrete and brick footings were removed and placed into a construction waste skip for recycling.

Demolitions contractors removing metal structures from West Sussex college greenhouse

Stage 4 – Once all structures and large items of waste were cleared from site, our demolition contractors raked the entire area by hand to remove any remaining smaller waste.

Key challenges for our demolition contractors

This demolition project called for accurate planning and processes. As the greenhouses were situated on a college campus, the highest health and safety standards and security measures were needed. We solved this problem by erecting Heras fencing around the entire working site with lockable gates for secure access.

Time restraints for the project were dictated by the students returning to campus after the summer break. But, as always, the team ensured everything was completed safely and on time, adding another job well done to our demolition contractors’ glowing records.

Heras fencing around showing RJS Waste Management sign around the Brinsbury College greenhouses demolition site

The result of our demolition services

Brinsbury College commented: “We always look to RJS Waste Management whenever a project falls under their vast range of services. They’ve carried out numerous projects for us varying from asbestos removal to internal strip-out works and demolition projects like this. We trust RJS Waste to complete the projects quickly, efficiently, and safely, with our interests as the number one priority”.

Praise for our competence and care at this college campus strip-out, site clearance and demolition job is praise indeed. See more testimonials from our commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

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Clear site after Brinsbury College greenhouse demolition