Brilliant Bird Proofing for Blenheim Built Heritage Team.

Bird guano eating into stonework is a problem for heritage buildings. But sustainable bird proofing helps keep birds away while keeping them safe. This means they can roost elsewhere but won’t damage the beauty of our historic buildings. RJS Waste Management started a project to solve this problem for the Blenheim Built Heritage Team this winter.

Brilliant bird proofing brief

After providing effective bird guano removal services at Blenheim Estate in Oxfordshire, we were asked to install bird proofing to prevent the issue from happening again.

The aim was to protect the stonework while minimising the visual impact of bird guano on the walls and ground. The client also wanted us to select sustainable bird proofing materials that were sympathetic to their surroundings.

Sustainable bird proofing solution

Our team located bird proofing materials to maintain this heritage site’s authentic look and structure.

We used stone-coloured bird prevention netting to minimise the visibility to the public from ground level. The fixings were carefully positioned for safe and secure netting installation and to ensure the stonework was not damaged.

Bird netting is the ideal solution for buildings that birds are reluctant to leave and its benefits include that it’s:

  • A humane solution — it discourages birds rather than trapping them, meaning they can roost or nest elsewhere
  • Suitable and affordable for large surfaces such as rooftops
  • Able to let light and air through to the building
  • Available in different colours to complement the building

The RJS Waste Management team installed bird proofing in different areas of Blenheim’s heritage buildings, and continued works are planned.

Bird proofing netting and fixtures on arches and roof spaces at a Blenheim heritage building
Close-up of bird proof netting and fixtures on a Blenheim heritage building
Bird proof netting on arches at a Blenheim heritage building

Practical bird proofing process and challenges

Working to the usual Working at Height Regulations, we shared scaffolding with the onsite stonemasons. They needed to expertly replace the stonework in some areas before we could professionally install the bird proofing.

The entire bird proofing job took around four days. However, the world-class visitor attraction was open to the public throughout. This meant we had to allow constant access and take extra health and safety precautions.

Blenheim bird proof netting on arches showing ladder and scaffolding

Real bird proofing results

Blenheim Built Heritage Team was incredibly happy with the results. They’ve even booked us to complete more bird proofing. Check out our photos throughout this article to judge the quality of the work yourself.

Do you need bird proofing or bat and bird guano removal from your business premises, home or historic building in Oxfordshire, West Sussex, London or The Midlands? Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Blenheim bird netting seen from outside building