WEEE recycling symbol championing WEEE recycling in London

Championing WEEE recycling in London This Recycle Week.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling in London is another of RJS Waste Management’s core services. And this Recycle Week we’re flying the flag for London’s sustainable waste management initiatives, from ReLondon to the Material Focus Electricals Recycling Fund.

Recycle Week 2023

This year’s Recycle Week, Recycle Now’s flagship annual event, is 16-22 October. The theme is The Big Recycling Hunt, shining a spotlight on waste that could be recycled but is often sent to landfill.

With a multi-award-winning flagship film, Let’s Get Real, last year’s event aimed to challenge misconceptions about recycling and improve behaviours. The result was that 14% of UK adults (7.1 million citizens) saw or heard about Recycle Week, and 47% (3.7 million) said this led them to act.

Generating over 1.5 million metric tons of WEEE in 2019 and almost 111,400 metric tons from households alone in the fourth quarter of 2022, the UK is the world’s ninth-largest producer of WEEE. With a concentration of homes and businesses, much of that waste comes from our capital city/ This makes WEEE recycling in London a national concern.

Though Recycle Week is geared towards raising awareness among homeowners, it’s the perfect time to remind all UK citizens about the WEEE recycling changes that can be made.

Initiatives encouraging WEEE recycling in London

Have you heard about ReLondon? The Mayor of London and London boroughs have partnered to improve the sustainability of waste management, including WEEE recycling in London.

They aim to transform London into a low-carbon circular economy and a global leader in sustainable ways to live, work and prosper through:

  • The production of less waste
  • An increase in waste that’s re-used or recycled
  • The use of waste collection, treatment and disposal methods that are more beneficial to the environment in London

One of the main ways they’re achieving this is by: “inspiring Londoners to save the world, one behaviour at a time: motivating London’s citizens to waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more, and encourage them to use London’s boroughs’ recycling and waste services”.

Last year, Material Focus launched a £2.5m Electricals Recycling Fund for projects making it easier for the public to recycle WEEE. They’re now rolling out 40 projects in the hope of reaching 10 million people.

Quote about electrical items being hoarded rather than making it to WEEE recycling. Quote is surrounded by image of waste electrical items.

As well as 400 kerbside collection point services, the funding will support the launch of an online service for Brighton and London users called the Library of Things.

Charlotte Thorpe of Library of Things said: “In London and Brighton, more than 16,000 residents have already prevented more than 150 tonnes of WEEE from ending up in landfill by renting instead of buying occasional use household items”.

To drive WEEE recycling in London further forward, 4,000 north Kensington residents will be provided with regular collections and drop-off points as well as electrical repair workshops. While half a million residents in the Richmond and Wandsworth areas will benefit from small WEEE kerbside collections and bring bank services.

Your local London WEEE recycling collection company

It’s fantastic to hear about these initiatives and we hope to support them with our own London WEEE recycling services. RJS Waste Management can provide everything from office clearances and WEEE collection to fluorescent light recycling and recycling of IT equipment.

Contact your local London WEEE recycling collection company on 020 7859 4520 to find out more.