Demolition & Soft Strip Contractor

Planning a Demolition project?

RJS provide a efficient & thorough demolition service, ensuring that your demolition project is managed and executed safely and within the agreed timeframe.

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We Can Help You Plan and Execute the  Demolition  of your building.

RJS Waste Management (UK) Ltd will guarantee that all demolition work carried out on your behalf is covered by the Building Act 1984 and that all work  complies with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Before starting any demolition work a health & safety plan will be drawn up by the principal contractor and notification given to the local authority. Careful planning is essential to ensure that factors such as the size and position of the building, access and the surrounding areas, construction style of the building (steel or concrete framed, brick built etc).  If necessary, testing will be carried out to confirm any presence of Asbestos to allow planning for it’s removal. If required we will soft strip the inside of the building to remove all non structural elements.

We will carry out a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAM’s) to ensure that works are carried out safely and efficiently.

What Our Clients Say

“RJS were able to undertake a demolition of a property, at short notice, which was being acquired for investment and development.

RJS were able to adhere to a strict timescale imposed on us by the vendor and when access problems arose, RJS were able to commit additional time and resources to get the job done and produced a comprehensive report.

I would have no hesitation in recommending RJS.”