Waste Management

Unsure of how to store and dispose of the waste and chemicals that your business produces? Our expert team can assist you in drawing up your waste management plan and provide the best solution and service for disposal.

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Your company has an Environmental Statement and you are looking to reduce your "carbon footprint". RJS can assist you with hitting your targets by recycling more of your waste streams.

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Asbestos Surveys

As the owner or manager of a property you may have a Duty to Manage asbestos. Depending on your circumstances you will need an asbestos companies to provide Management survey or a Refurbishment/Demolition Survey as a first step in compiling your risk assessment. RJS Waste can provide you with a professional asbestos surveying service, report and advice on managing your Asbestos.

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Other Services

As part of your duty to manage asbestos your risk assessment will need to take into account training for building maintenance and building workers. Anyone that is likely to come into contact with asbestos containing materials must complete basic awareness training. RJS are able to provide training in asbestos awareness and also confined space working. We provide fire risk assessments for duty holders, landlords and housing associations.

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RJS Values

Our customers appreciate a high level of service, technical expertise and value for money. RJS strives at all times to meet those requirements and to tailor solutions to individual needs.

Total Waste Management

We are a waste management company providing a complete waste collection, disposal and recycling service for businesses throughout the UK. We specialise in hazardous waste and "difficult" non-hazardous waste, that should not be landfilled, for businesses ranging from small independents to larger companies, factories, construction companies and multinational organisations.

We provide UK companies with a complete waste collection, disposal and recycling service....

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email: info@rjswastemanagement.co.uk

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As a producer of waste your have additional duties in law to manage it. RJS can help you to meet those responsibilities through a thorough audit of your site and establish a complete waste service plan.

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As climate change becomes a greater issue legislation has given recycling a higher priority. The waste plan that we compile for you will attempt to recycle as many of your waste streams as possible rather than the traditional disposal at landfill sites.

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The Health & Safety at Work Act and Control of Asbestos Regulations place responsibilities on Duty Holders to manage asbestos in their premises. We can help you with your management plan by providing either Management surveys or Refurbishment/Demolition surveys as necessary.

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Waste Management Solutions For Your Company

Our service covers all waste streams including: chemical waste disposal, liquid, drummed, clinical, construction and hazardous waste recycling or disposal from any process or operation.

Our experts can tailor a waste disposal program to meet the needs of any business, from providing the correct storage containers to deciding on the frequency of the collection.

Our Aim is to protect the environment by providing our clients with effective, quality waste management services.

We are proud of our track record of building strong working relationships and using our expertise and experience to determine the most suitable solution for any given situation. We believe that working closely with our clients should involve more than simply turning up and doing a job. We aim to provide a comprehensive service, giving advice on legal responsibilities and support throughout the process. Our quality procedures dictate that all work will follow industry standards and regulations and that full and complete paper work trails are kept.

The health and safety of our clients and employees will be at the centre of all our processes. We will endeavour to improve and refine our procedures to reflect customer feedback, regular auditing and fresh industry codes of practice.

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