Soft strip, Internal Demolition & Site Clearances

RJS can conduct a full internal & external soft strip or site clearance as a single job or as part of a larger project.

We offer a Nationwide service with Offices in Chichester, Oxford & London.

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Soft Stripping

Soft strip works are conducted prior to demolition, refurbishment or remodelling of a building.

The intention is normally to leave nothing but the steel frame/ shell and involves removal of all non-structural elements of the interior and exterior.

Prior to commencing Soft Stripping RJS Waste Management (UK) Ltd will carry out an internal and external survey to  identify any potentially hazardous materials that may be present; Then if required we will carry out safe removal before we commence work on any internal demolition or soft stripping.

Removal of Fixtures & Fittings

Items for removal may include fixtures & fittings (doors, windows, bathroom & kitchen fittings), internalwalls, ceilings, temporary structures, equipment and machinery  as required.

Soft Stripping and internal Demolition work has the potential to produce high levels of dust and noise which can have health implications. Careful planning is required to ensure that dust levels to a minimum. This may involve limiting the number of people in the work area, screening work areas, the use of RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) and using water spray to suppress dust levels.

High levels of noise are often unavoidable but RJS Waste will work with the client where possible to ensure that the noisiest work is kept to times when it will cause the least impact and distruption.

Internal soft strip by RJS Waste Management UK Ltd