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Fly-Tipped Waste Collection

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What is Fly Tipped Waste?

Fly–tipped waste is classified as an illegal deposit of waste on an area of land that isn’t licensed to receive it. Doing so is a crime.

Typical areas of land that are commonly affected by fly tipping are lay-bys, private land, derelict land and woodland areas.

The most common kinds of waste that are fly-tipped include

  • garden waste, tyres, fridges, household waste (sofas & mattresses), clinical, hazardous & construction waste and asbestos sheeting.
  • Garden Waste
  • Tyres
  • Fridges
  • Household Waste
  • Clinical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Construction Waste
  • Asbestos Sheeting
  • Florescent Tubes

Why Do People Fly-Tip?

In recent years the number of fly-tipping incidents has soared due to a rise in landfill tax for the disposal of the waste and a significant increase in waste collections by non-licensed personnel.

Landfill tax is included in your council tax bill for household rubbish but businesses must use a registered carrier, who will be charged a levy when disposing of the collected waste.

Businesses producing 500kg of waste a year must register with the Environment Agency and pay a fee to acquire a “premises code”. The waste that is produced can then easily be monitored to make sure that it travels to a legally registered recycling or disposal site. All parties involved in the movement of the waste have legal obligations regarding paperwork and record keeping.

What is the Impact of Fly-Tipping

It is a crime to illegally dump waste due to the negative effect that it can have on the environment. Syringes, chemical waste and other toxic wastes can present a risk to human health and can harm wildlife and farm animals. This might be from direct contact on the site of the fly tipped waste or by the waste getting into a nearby water source. Things like furniture and tyres can be a fire hazard in wooded areas.

The dumping of waste also affects the appeal of an area and can have a detrimental impact on future investment within that area. This criminal act can spoil our neighbourhoods and quality of life for children playing in these areas.

Cleaning up fly-tipped waste costs councils millions of pounds each year. Other organisations that also suffer these clear up costs are the Forestry Commission and the Highways Agency.

Fly – tipping undermines legitimate waste management companies who work responsibly to adhere to the letter of the law in disposing of commercial waste.

So-called “cowboy” companies that don’t follow the legislation leave themselves open to suffer extremely large fines and in the worst-case scenario a custodial sentence.

In England, Wales and Scotland the main legislation covering disposal of waste is the Propecia generic buy online

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