RJS is very pleased to be able to support the work of the following charitable organisations

Aldingbourne Trust

Aldingbourne Trust Logo

The Aldingbourne Trust, a West Sussex charity, supports adults with learning disabilities to realise their full potential.

The Trust urgently needs to raise £3.2 million to build a new visitor centre which will incorporate meeting rooms, a café and shop. The new enterprises will enable the Trust to train and employ more people with learning disabilities and will be run as social enterprises, providing an income thus reducing their dependency on State funding and ensuring a sustainable future.

Stephen Furniture Restoration

The social enterprises at the Aldingbourne Trust provide real-world training and job opportunities for people with learning disabilities. They include a shop, wood recycling, cafe, car-washing services, an open farm, furniture restoration, gardening services, conference facilities, horse rug and duvet cleaning, to name but a few. Their social enterprise approach helps people to help themselves, rather than maintain dependence on others.

Furniture Restoration

The Aldingbourne Trust has just installed a biomass boiler which uses wood that would otherwise be placed in landfill sites.

The Aldingbourne Country Centre is also home to the West Sussex Beekeepers’ hives. The shop sells honey made by the local bees.

Wood Recycling

The Trust's commitment to the environment and conservation projects is something that RJS are keen to support as it is an important part of our company ethos. Re-purposing waste material rather than simply disposing of it into landfill is a key factor in the Waste Hierarchy.

It is becoming very clear from news reports and scientific studies that bees are a vital cog in the mechanism of nature and that without them the environment will suffer immensely. Any effort to foster bee colonies is most welcome and locally produced honey is also know to have great health benefits, as well as being delicious.

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